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Key Staff

Dr Samantha Holdsworth
Director of Research
Leigh Potter
Chief Operating Officer
Dr Patrick McHugh
Community Health Initiatives
Jeanette Lepper
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Board of Trustees

John Pittar
Sir Richard Faull
Dame Bronwen Holdsworth
Ingrid Nea Collins
Reweti Ropiha
Assoc. Prof. Gerry Devlin
Assoc. Prof. Brett Cowan

Maori Advisory Board

Ingrid Nea Collins
Leigh Potter
Tracey Tangihaere
Dr Cassidy Hameora Moeke

Research Advisory Board

Dr Sari MacKenzie
Dr Graham Wilson
Dr Jennie Harrie-Hindmarsh
Dr Daniel Cornfeld
Sophie Munro
Mike Zablocki
Allen Champagne
Dr Catherine Morgan

Scientific Advisory Board

Professor Graham Galloway
Assoc. Prof. Jalal Andre

Affiliate faculty advisors

Alan Wang, PhD

Associate Professor – Auckland Bioengineering Institute
Computational radiology, multimodal neuroimaging analysis, statistical learning & deep learning theories, neurodegenerative diseases, neurological disorders.

Anne Chin, MD

Assistant Professor – University of Montreal, Canada
Cardiothoracic Radiologist – University of Montreal Health Centre
Cardiac CT/MRI, quaternary cardiothoracic/aortic imaging, advanced post-processing techniques.

Audrey Fan, PhD

Assistant Professor – Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of California Davis, U.S.A
Simultaneous PET/MRI, cerebral physiology, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, neurovascular coupling.

Beau Pontré, PhD

Senior Lecturer – Department of Anatomy and Medical Imaging, University of Auckland
Cardiac imaging and modeling, congenital heart disease, medical physics (Ultrasound, X-ray, MRI), high field MR imaging.

David Dubowitz, PhD/MD

Director, Neuroradiologist, Neuroscientist – Centre for Advanced MRI, University of Auckland
Brain microstructure, cerebral physiology, resting-state fMRI connectivity, oxygen metabolism, MR spectroscopy, hypoxia, migraine.

Feliks Kogan, PhD

Assistant Professor – Department of Radiology, Stanford University, U.S.A
Musculoskeletal imaging, osteoarthritis, MRI physics, cellular and molecular Imaging, multimodal Imaging.

Geoffrey Handsfield, PhD

Researcher, Aotearoa Fellow – Auckland Bioengineering Institute
Musculoskeletal biomechanics, imaging, computational modeling.

Jia Guo, PhD

Assistant Professor – Department of Bioengineering, University of California Riverside, U.S.A
Magnetic resonance imaging, perfusion imaging, brain physiology, medical image processing, machine (deep) learning.

Manoj Saranathan, PhD

Associate Professor – Department of Medical Imaging, University of Arizona, U.S.A
MRI physics and reconstruction, ultra fast dynamic MRI for cancer and function, imaging and segmentation of deep brain structures.

Mehmet Kurt, PhD

Assistant Professor – Department of Mechanical Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology, U.S.A
Brain biomechanics, mechanical neuroimaging, concussions, modeling, helmet design.

Miriam Scadeng, MBBS/FRCR

Associate Professor, Head – Department of Academic Radiology, University of Auckland
MRI, neuroimaging, animal models of human disease, comparative anatomical and physiological adaptations to hypoxia.

Nils Daniel Forkert, PhD

Assistant Professor, Canada Research Chair – University of Calgary, Canada
Machine learning, predictive modelling, medical image analysis, perfusion analysis.

Rachelle Bitton, PhD

Senior Research Scientist – Department of Radiology, Stanford University, CA, U.S.A
MR-guided focused ultrasound for cancer & essential tremor treatment, thermal dosimetry using MR PRF thermometry, MR acoustic radiation force imaging.

Rachel Fleming, PhD

Science Leader – Auckland Institute of Environmental Science and Research
Research & development, project management.

Rohit Ramchandra, PhD

Senior Lecturer – Department of Physiology, University of Auckland
Autonomic control of circulation, neural control of heart, sympathetic overactivity in disease, integrative physiology, animal models of heart disease.

Salil Soman, MSc/MD

Clinical Instructor, Neuroradiologist – Harvard University, U.S.A
Neuroradiology & computer science, computer graphics, computing in mathematics, advanced neuroimaging applications, novel image processing and data interpretation in TBI.

Sarah-Jane Guild, PhD

Senior Research Fellow – Department of Physiology, University of Auckland
Cardiovascular physiology, intracranial pressure, optogenetics, implantable devices, hypertension.

Stefan Skare, PhD

Research Team Leader – Karolinska Hospital, Sweden
Advanced MR acquisition, image reconstruction, software development.

Terry Peters, PhD/FIEEE/FRSC

Scientist – Robarts Research Institute, Western University, Canada
Professor Emeritus – Departments of Medical Imaging & Medical Biophysics & Biomedical Engineering, Western University
Image-guided Interventions, image visualization, image analysis, imaging for epilepsy surgery and DBS procedures.

Vickie Shim, PhD

Senior Research Fellow – Auckland Bioengineering Institute
TBI injury mechanisms and preventative and therapeutic solutions.

William Peters, MD

Senior Medical Officer – Paediatric and Congenital Cardiac Surgery, Starship Hospital
Honorary Senior Lecturer – University of Auckland
Cardiac surgery, medical devices, cardiogenesis, congenital heart disease, software for surgical planning.

Scientific & engineering research advisors

Akshay Chaudhari, PhD

Research Scientist – Department of Radiology, Stanford University, U.S.A
Artificial intelligence in medical imaging, rapid and quantitative musculoskeletal MRI, image post-processing and analysis.

Anna-Maria Lydon, DCR(R)/BHSc/PGDipMRI

Charge MR Technologist – Centre for Advanced MRI, University of Auckland
Diagnostic radiology, vascular radiology, cardiovascular imaging, fMRI, angiography.

Daniel Kopeinigg, PhD

Chief Technology Officer – Jaunt, U.S.A
Mathematical modeling, computer vision, machine learning, medical imaging.

Doug King, PhD

Research associate – Auckland University of Technology
Clinical Nurse Specialist – Hutt Valley District Health Board
Sports injury epidemiology, head impact biomechanics, sports-related concussion.

Eric Peterson, PhD

Senior Software Engineer – HeartVista, San Francisco, U.S.A
Image reconstruction, image processing and analysis, computer vision, data science, MRI pulse sequence programming.

Eryn Kwon, BEng/BSc

Research Associate – Auckland Bioengineering Institute
Cranial impact injury biomechanics, biomaterial characterisation, computational modelling, physical model fabrication/experimentation, statistical data analysis.

Itamar Terem, MSc

Research Associate – Department of Electrical Engineering & Structural Biology, Stanford University, U.S.A
MRI and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) of the brain, physics, advanced image processing.

Julian Maclaren, PhD

Engineer – Google ATAP, U.S.A
MRI neuroimaging methods, artificial intelligence, computer vision, motion tracking.

Leo Dang, MSc/MEng

Research Associate – Department of Anatomy and Medical Imaging, University of Auckland
Advanced image processing, modeling & 3D printing, biomedical & tissue engineering, electrical & telecommunication engineering, medical devices.

Maged Goubran, PhD

Research Scientist – Sunnybrook Research Institute, University of Toronto, Canada
Computational neuroscience, diffusion MRI, computer vision, brain connectomics.

Mahdi Rahimi, PhD

Software Engineer – Facebook, U.S.A
Computer vision, deep learning, rapid imaging, image reconstruction.

Mathias Engström, PhD

MR Product Specialist – GE Healthcare, Sweden
Motion corrected MRI, pulse sequence design, reconstruction, and image processing.

Melvyn Ooi, PhD

MR Clinical Scientist – Philips Healthcare, U.S.A
Novel MRI techniques, pulse sequences, image reconstruction & correction, translational research.

Murat Aksoy, PhD

Research Associate – Department of Radiology, Stanford University, U.S.A
MRI motion detection and correction, diffusion-weighted & diffusion-tensor imaging, advanced image processing & reconstruction.

Natalie Zahr, PhD

Director – Translational Imaging Program, Center for Health Sciences, SRI International, U.S.A
Psychiatry, behavioral sciences, neuroanatomy, MR spectroscopy, in-vivo bio-markers, animal models.

Phillip Ward, PhD

Research Fellow – Turner Institute for Brain & Mental Health, Monash University, Australia
Iron mapping, dynamic PET, functional MRI, physiological modelling of the brain, imaging and segmentation of cerebral veins.

Rafael O’Halloran, PhD

Senior Scientist – 4Catalyzer, U.S.A
MRI physics specializing in diffusion, motion correction, sequence programming, reconstruction.

Ronald Watkins, AAS/AOS

Senior Research Associate, Electrical Engineer – Department of Radiology, Stanford University, U.S.A
Electronics & hardware for medical imaging and therapeutics, MRI, Ultrasound, PET imaging.

Sjoerd Vos, PhD

Senior Research Associate – Centre for Medical Image Computing, University College London, U.K
MRI, neuroimaging, epilepsy, quantitative neuroradiology, surgical planning, image-guided surgery.

Wei Bian, PhD

Chief Scientist – Alltech Medical Systems, China
MRI pulse programming, image reconstruction, MRI with susceptibility contrast, MRI for brain tumor & neurodegenerative diseases, automated radiotherapy target volume contouring using MRI.