How Instagram turn this new and risky obsession into a lifelong goal

I confess 3 reasons why traveling beats the future of having a baby

How Instagram turn this new and risky obsession into a lifelong goal

I confess 3 reasons why traveling beats the future of having a baby

I was afraid at first to reveal this hidden obsession.

Have you discovered a new talent or new passion through the app, Instagram? Well, I have![spacer height=”20px”]

Thanks to Instagram, I’ve found a new passion. I never played sports while young. As an adult, this obsession gives me the same physical and mental excitement as guys who play in or watch Monday Night Football. Yes, I said football. It’s thrilling, and I’m obsessed.[spacer height=”20px”]

Four years ago, while perusing Instagram, I came across a profile. It featured a photo of a woman’s family and friends wearing the #3. As I started to dig and probe through hundreds of her photos, I realized that my interest in the women’s football league would begin. [spacer height=”20px”]

This player and athlete initiated what would become several years of a sports journey. The good, the bad, the hungry, the dedicated, the setbacks. It all. And, it’s all thanks to the woman who sparked this obsession, Adrian Purnell. [spacer height=”20px”]

I had a moment of enlightenment. I had fallen in love at first sight. I admired not only the player herself, but what she represented. And, as she stood in her provocative, yet powerful uniform, she symbolized women in nontraditional roles in society.[spacer height=”20px”]

She played football. A statement that demonstrates the rarity in our culture that women can play a sport and also be good at it.[spacer height=”20px”]

So, I desired to know more about who she played for the Legends Football League.[spacer height=”20px”]

Previously known as the Lingerie Football League, I began browsing the interwebs for information. I sought out details on teams, tryouts, games, and of course, the players. [spacer height=”20px”]   

I used Instagram as my main source. It gave me a bit of information about this developing league. Here’s what I learned. She played for the Jacksonville Breeze, formerly known as Tampa Breeze. She, along with a few of other badasses, was one of the power teams in the East.[spacer height=”20px”]

The desire to know more began to grow and my research into the league became my hobby. I reviewed article after article and Instagram post after post. I concluded that I wanted to pursue a career in the LFL. This wasn’t a pursuit of the impossible, but rather the insane.[spacer height=”20px”]

I grew up in Overtown, an inner city neighborhood in Miami, Florida. I was sheltered by my single mom, who raised 6 children. She was overprotective because she once lost her son and it was more than she could bare. And, the thought of losing 6 more would’ve destroyed her.[spacer height=”20px”]

That meant I rarely played outside. I wasn’t active as a child and didn’t participate in sports. Playtime consisted of games and shenanigans with my siblings in our apartment.[spacer height=”20px”]

Needless to say, catching a ball or chasing someone wasn’t in my DNA. Or, at least I wasn’t groomed to be athletic.[spacer height=”20px”]

The decision, however, to play football was to some people coming from left field. I was afraid at first to reveal this hidden obsession.[spacer height=”20px”]

I had to tell someone. So, my best friend was the first to know. I didn’t get quite the response I had hoped. I expected intrigue, curiosity, and a bit of confusion to lead the conversation. But, her speechlessness confirmed what I was already thinking -that this was crazy.[spacer height=”20px”]

I wasn’t deterred, though. I kept wishing and hoping for this dream to come true.[spacer height=”20px”]

Adrian’s Instagram posts, her teammates, and other players in the league constantly motivated me.[spacer height=”20px”]

I imagined myself on the field and being the woman and player I wanted to become. I couldn’t sit around and daydream of playing, I had to make this obsession a reality. Instagram compelled me to seek out professional guidance into my fitness journey. Through the same platform, I arranged to train with a local personal trainer. Competing on the highest level of women’s football was and still is my number one goal.[spacer height=”20px”]

This year begins a new season. Follow me to see if I achieve this goal.[spacer height=”20px”]

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How instagram turned this risky and new obsession into a lifelong goal

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